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At Unbreakable Fitness Coaching we like to think of our services as life-changing, because we strive to help you establish a healthy lifestyle that will become your normal way of life. If you would like to learn more about our clients’ experiences and the amazing results they’ve achieved, you can check out their testimonials below.

"I have worked with many fitness trainers over the years but none have proved to be more effective and supportive than Heather - she has kept me on track and motivated me every step towards my goal - toning and weight loss. I couldn’t have done it without her. Thank you Heather!!"

Nic H.

"Thank you Heather for helping me get back on track with my workouts and overall health. The online workout sessions were better than many 1:1 private workout sessions that I had in the past. I loved the positivity you had during the sessions and that you continuously encouraged me to put in my best effort during the sessions without being pushy. What helped me most was that the sessions were well planned based on my ability to workout. Your daily emails with workout plan, nutrition guidance and motivational insights were extremely helpful as well and kept me on track. Thank you for this wonderful experience. Cant wait to have our next set of sessions scheduled again in the new year!"

Vandana S.

Working with the ladies at Unbreakable Fitness as taught me how to incorporate strength exercises into my daily cardio routine. I really feel like this has helped me become a more balanced athlete and I've started looking forward to my workouts instead of loathing them. Have the versatility to break up the routine has made working out fun again!  Being a working mom with two small children my gym time is my "me" time so it's an important moment of solace that I now enjoy so much more then I used to. Nicky and Heather are great positive motivators even during tough weeks. You won't be disappointed!

Melissa B.

"It is unbelievable how much I’ve improved all around as not only an athlete but a person as well. Heather really gave me an immense confidence boost and really improved my vertical, endurance, and strength. Also, she was every flexible and always on time. That made training a lot easier for me because I am still in school, sports, and have a job. I will absolutely be sticking to her program and I can’t wait to grow and improve even more."

Bella R.

9 months ago I herniated the lumbar disc between L4/L5. This injury stopped me in my tracks. I couldn't operate my dog walking business, couldn't weight lifting or rock climb, or do any of the activities that I've spent years enjoying. When I asked Nicole to develop a training routine for me she did so knowing my main goal was to get strong again and build back my confidence in my body so I could get back to the activities I love. Her program took into account physical limitations because of my injury which lessened my fears of reinjury. Her coaching guided me through the program details, including advancing to different exercises, suggesting macro and calorie goals, and even offering much needed emotional support. I highly recommend her coaching and training expertise! My confidence is slowly returning and despite a herniated disc, I'm weight lifting again and loving it, which is something I'd never thought I get to do again. Trust and professionalism are so important, especially when you come from a place of being vulnerable with your body. I trust Unbreakable Fitness Coaching in having my best interests and goals at heart. Highly recommend their services!

Melinda H




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