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As a member:

  1.   You'll be able the MyPTHub link, and browse some of our flat fee beginner packages for download.  These packages are  open to download for a week, but are yours forever.  Guidelines are listed on them for how to use, what's included, and  suggested time frames to try them out.  And, you can always get in touch with us via email with questions, comments, or suggestions!


Package Flat Fee Options:

Booty Builder

Core Workout

Beginner HIIT Training

Beginner Strength Training (4 week)

Beginner Powerlifting (4 week)

Couch to 5k (6 week)

Beginner Triathlon (Sprint-16 week)

Beginner Century Ride (16 week)


  2. You'll have access to fill in a Health Risk Assessment for Online Personalized Training with us.  

  3. Gain access to helpful videos and tutorials, not available to other viewers (Coming Soon!)

  4. Insights and Priority access into upcoming events and promotions!​

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